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 Price List

Elk (Soft) $15
Lepro (Med Hard) $15

Water Buffalo $20

Triumph $20
Tiger Everest (Med or Hard) $25
Sniper $25
Moori (Soft, Med or Hard)  $30
Kamui Brown or Black (Super Soft, Soft, Med or Hard) $35

Tip Installantion (if tip is provided) $20

Break Jump

Phenolic / G-10 $20

Samsara $35

Other Services

Ferrule Replacement $25 + cost of tip

Weight Change $5

Bumper Replacement $5

Shape Tip $5

* Taper Shaft $25 (First Half)

* Additional Shaft Taper $20

(* Not responsible for possible warping due to re-tapering)

Custom Shaft Starting at $125

For Questions or to Request an Appointment,

Please  Contact Rayman at (804) 301-3666


Irish Linen   $55
Leather      $125  
Cork          $125
Stacked Leather  $185 
Reburnish/Repolish Wrap  $20
Cut In/Fill Wrap Channel $25 + wrap

Raymond "Rayman" Walters runs a successful cue repair business out of Diamond Billiards. LLC in Midlothian, Virginia and is the Co-Owner of the Action Pool Toor (APT).

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