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What is the VPBA?

The Virginia Pool & Billiards Association is dedicated to the professional promotion of pool and billiards with a focus on events that showcase billiards in high profile and upscale establishments around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Joshua Dickerson

Tournament Director & Promoter


Joshua Dickerson got the idea for running his first State Championship when he was at the 2003 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. It was the day after Hurricane Isabel made her way through Chesapeake, VA, and he decided to make the trip down to watch some pool. He got comfortable in his seat to watch the 7 p.m. matches and heard Scott Smith, the tournament director, make the table match announcements. A match was called on Table 13 between a local player and a living legend of the game.


The local player’s name was called, and three people in the whole arena, including Joshua, applauded for him. Then they announced his opponent: “You’ve seen him in The Color of Money, from Los Angeles, California, now living in Washington, D.C., ‘The Earthquake’ Mr. Keith McCready!”


You could not hear yourself for the applause that roared through the arena. At that point Joshua thought to himself that it was a shame that there are so many talented players in the Commonwealth of Virginia and no event to showcase that talent. From the moment he got back to Richmond he started working on what became the Virginia State 9-Ball Championships.


Joshua has had a full field every year since he started the event in 2004 and has sent either the champion or both the champion and the runner-up to the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. Each champion has had a strong showing; one even finishing in the top 20!


“I do my best every year to try and add a little something to the event to make it better than the last year,” Josh said. “I have to give credit to the loyal players in my event. Many of these great ideas have come from you. Keep them coming!”


In 2010, Joshua decided to venture out; promote and direct different tournaments in different disciplines in the game.  “I look forward to seeing all of my old friends and making some new friends as the years continue with this event and future events,” said Joshua.


Joshua lives in Henrico, Virginia with his wife Emily, and their 2 children; Georgia and Robert .


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